what to wear


Here is my BIGGEST thing: I want you to choose clothing that reflects who you are as a person and makes you feel beautiful and confident. The most important thing is for you to feel comfortable and happy with yourself and your photos. So while you look for inspiration for your session please keep in mind how you will feel in the outfits you choose.

I always suggest wearing what YOU feel the most confident in; even if it is just jeans and a t-shirt. I want your personality and unique style to shine in your senior portraits.

I absolutely love and recommend “Jewel Tones”. Emerald greens, teals, burnt orange, and deep reds are some of my all time favorites! I also recommend “Earth Tones” and suggest leaning towards neutrals and avoiding neon colored clothing. Neon colors can cast onto your skin; which means if you’re wearing a neon green top the skin on your face and arms can appear green too. There are many shades of neutral colors to work with. Find a shade that will work best for you, your environment, and your skin tone.

These are by no means rules, and if you have more eclectic tastes and love lots of color I encourage you to put as much of your personality into your clothing selection as possible!

I always suggest three different outfits: A dress/dressy outfit, casual, and just an outfit that you love or one that has a special meaning. Here are some examples:


Long flowy dresses help create a feeling of movement and emotion in your images. There isn’t anything quite like a white flowy dress for images…whether you pair it with cowboy boots, wedges, or sandals a white dress looks timeless and classic. It can also be a cute sun dress, a pants suit, or jumpsuit.


Rompers/jumpsuits are perfect casual outfits (and they are super comfy!). You could also wear your favorite jeans and a t-shirt or cut off shorts and a cute blouse.

An Outfit that you love

This could be either casual or dressy; whatever outfit you just absolutely love! It could also be a sports uniform or a t-shirt from the college you’ve been accepted into. Whatever means the most to you!