What to expect


During your session

First and foremost; please do not worry about posing. That’s why I’m here! I will help guide you into poses that feel natural; I will show you how to pose and make sure that you do not look or feel awkward.


We will start with the traditional posed portraits first…after all isn’t that what your parents are after?

I will make sure to get a few smiling, posed portrait shots to choose from. I will act as your mirror to show you how I would like you to place your hands or arms. Please make any adjustments to the pose if it doesn’t feel right or comfortable to you.

Once we’re done taking the posed photos, let loose a little! Stick your tongue out, twirl in your dress, or strike your signature pose. I will also make sure to get a few photos of you genuinely smiling, laughing, and just being your authentic self.

If you have your cap and gown in time for our session please make sure to bring them to your session! It’s so refreshing to have a more relaxed image in your cap and gown; to go along with your formal cap and gown portraits.

After your session

THIS IS THE HARDEST PART! I know how excited you are to see your images…and I promise I will be so excited to start editing them!

I will send over your sneak peeks 24 to 48 hours after your session. 🙂

Then 2 to 3 weeks after your session you will receive a password protected gallery to your fully edited images. From this gallery you can download your images and place any additional print orders. Your gallery will be active for a minimum of 30 days.