Adorable Family Session in Apollo Beach, FL


I met this adorable family at my son’s daycare. She told me that they had not had family pictures taken in YEARS; which I understand because life gets so busy. I’m absolutely honored that they chose me to capture these memories for them.

Family sessions are my absolute FAVORITE. I just love the whole family dynamic and seeing everyone interact with each other. It’s just so much fun and meaningful to me. Which, of course, makes sense because I started really diving into photography when my son was born. So my passion 100% stems from capturing family memories.

I feel like every time I finish a families gallery I think to myself “This might be my favorite session!” But I love them all. I think they are all my favorites! lol. But this one; the location was gorgeous and very versatile PLUS their style was ON POINT. I love that she picked two colors and coordinated everyone’s outfits. They are not matchy-matchy, they do not blend in together; each one compliments the other and it is style perfection.

When it comes to siblings I try to make sure I get both parents with each child by themselves, I want to make sure they each feel special and have that special picture with their parents. I also, of course, love capturing the bond between the siblings. When I was growing up my mom would take us to portrait studios for our pictures…so we would just sit there and look pretty. There was no connection between my sister and I. It basically documented our appearance and our age but that was it. It didn’t show our relationship or personalities (except my sour face and my sister’s cheezy smile).  That is why I try so hard to make sure I capture authentic moments; especially between siblings.

I love greenery…I feel like that is what I am drawn to. Forests, woods…fields of flowers. I’m just naturally drawn to those places. BUT there is definitely something to be said for the beach. The water, the sand, the beautiful sunsets…I love them. Apollo Beach has it all…the beach and the greenery. It’s absolutely amazing!

Funny story about this session…the water was FREEZING! This girl did NOT care. Not one bit. But the little guy? He put his feet in the water and let it rise to his ankles but that was IT. He was out of there lol. I can’t blame him though!

It’s sessions like these that just fuel my love for photography…its what keeps pushing me forward; keeps me learning and growing so that I can be a better photographer. christine

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