Vicky – the lovely face behind @Igersplantcity Plant City, FL


My favorite quote says “It isn’t the mind that creates beautiful work; it’s the soul…” Joe Duncan. I feel so passionately about this and I think Vicky is a prime example of it. She took a simple instagram page and made it into something amazing, a place that connects businesses, creatives/artists, and Plant City locals. It brings everyone in the community together which is such a beautiful thing and it all started with her.

Not only did she single handedly create @Igersplantcity (Instagramers of Plant City) but she is the sweetest person I think I’ve ever met! So it makes perfect sense that she has been able to bring so many people together. AND she has a brilliant mind; her ideas are inspiring and creative. She’ll tell me a list of her ideas that she’s not even trying to use for herself but just marketing ideas or fun ideas…it’s amazing how many fun, unique things she comes up with!

I’ve known her for less than a year and she has already helped my business grow in so many ways. She asked me to participate in an “Instagram takeover” of her page which I LOVED. Then she recommended me as a photographer for her mom’s wedding and another client, who just booked a session with me, was referred by her. Vicky is just a genuinely caring, gracious soul. I promise if you were to meet her you would instantly be friends!

Oh and she loves cats soooo….that’s something I can obviously relate to! lol


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