Tripp’s 1st Birthday Cake Smash, Plant City FL


I always LOVE cake smash sessions and 1st birthdays. I feel like that is such a huge milestone! I always make sure that I get at least a few family pictures before the cake smashing begins (if the parents are willing, of course!).

When I think back on my son turning a year old I actually didn’t have a cake smash session for him. I had 1 year old pictures taken for his birthday invitations…but no cake. After photographing these sessions for others I regret not doing it! Sure I got plenty of pictures of him at his partying smashing his cake but he was in his highchair and it just wasn’t nearly as cute as it could have been.


So this is actually one of my favorite images from this session; even though he has his hands in front of his face. Even with his pouty face he just looks so cute. This poor little guy was so sick for his session! It didn’t matter how many bubbles I blew or how many times I asked if there was a doggy on my head; he did not want to smile. I completely understand…he had just woken up from a nap AND he didn’t feel good. I wouldn’t want to smile either!

DSC_0278This is actually my favorite picture of him by himself. He’s just so adorable with his boat shoes and his little fishing rod!


Oh the excitement of having your first cake! This was the best smile I was able to get out of him and I think it was the anticipation lol. He dove into his cake and was honestly one of the best cake smashers I’ve seen! He devoured it and got the icing ALL over his face. It was perfect.

It was all fun and games until he got icing in his eye. That was a first for me and I felt SO bad. Poor little guy! He was good after it was rinsed off him, thankfully. He was such a trooper during this session while he was sick. I had to text his mama a few days after our session just to make sure he was feeling better; which he was! Maybe it was the cake 😉

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