Unicorn Themed Cake Smash Session in Plant City, FL


Fun fact: When I was teenager (about 16 years ago -_- ) I was obsessed with unicorns. Like OBSESSED. I had unicorn decals on my first car (a black thunderbird thank you very much) for Pete’s sake. Needless to say unicorn themed parties weren’t exactly a thing back then so I am LOVING this Unicorn themed cake smash session! The teenage me is practically squealing with happiness lol.

This sweet little girl was ALL smiles. She honestly has to be the easiest and happiest 1 year old I’ve ever photographed. She was just too cute the whole entire time! I always offer a customized chalkboard sign with cake smash sessions because 1.) I personally think they’re adorable and 2.) it helps me get to know these sweet almost-toddlers better.


I might not use all of the information I’m given (although being able to play “itsy bitsy spider” for her because I know it’s her favorite song would be helpful if she wasn’t feeling her pictures being taken) it helps me connect with them. For example I immediately thought of my own little one when I saw her favorite TV character is PJ masks. I also appreciate that she loves potatoes and cheese because I can totally relate to that! 🙂


Needless to say I LOVED everything about this session. I think it honestly comes down to the fact that I have the cutest, the sweetest, and the best clients ever. ♥♥♥


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