Vanessa & Anthony’s Apollo Beach Session


I’m going to start this out by saying I LOVE THIS SESSION!!! Not only are these two just so gorgeous but the sunset and lighting were perfect.

Vanessa is actually one of my best friends and a mom boss herself. She has an amazing line of oils (Vlove Essentials) so you should definitely check her out! She not only has these incredible oils but she’s got a crazy amount of knowledge on how to better your life and wellbeing (physical, mental, emotional…all of it).

This little guy is seriously so adorable! I swear he’s like a little Gerber baby. He’s also one of the happiest kids I know; he smiles so much and just loves everyone. I promise this is true even if he didn’t want to give me too many smiles during this session…it’s okay though because that pout of his is just as cute!


I was cracking up when I was reviewing these images…it looks like he’s about to drop some dance moves on us!


She had told me people some times told her she resembled Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen but I never really saw it until this picture. She’s prettier in my eyes!



I will absolutely never tire of capturing the love between a mother and her baby…these moments are fuel to my passion!

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