LuLaRoe by Megan and Ashley, Lakeland FL


Can I just say I LOVE taking pictures of these two! I’ve known Ashley since high school and she’s always been such an amazing person. It’s so funny to me because we both started our own business ventures this year…mine with photography and hers with LuLaRoe.DSC_0237


I love that we both started our business around the same time because personally, she has been such a huge support for me. She has reassured me when I needed it; she has referred her friends and family to have sessions with me; she’s given me advice or guidance whenever I’ve needed it. Her sister, Megan, has been a huge blessing as well. I had never really known her prior to this year but she is so easy to talk to and she has lifted me up when I’ve been doubtful about my photography skills. Megan has also left stunning reviews for me and also referred her friends and family. These two girls are just such amazing people.

I’m not necessarily a leggings type of girl…but I did buy 1 pair from them (Minnie Mouse with a camera of course) and they are super soft. Plus I love the customer service these girls give and the fact that if there are ever any issues, tearing or holes that pop up; they refund you or give you store credit. I seriously just can’t say enough good things about these two!


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