Adult Cake Smash, Plant City FL


I’m not sure who came up with the idea of an adult cake smash session but it is pure genius! This was seriously so much fun to do.

One of the cutest things to me was the chalkboard sign I had made from Etsy (Click Here to Continue to Etsy Listing) . I’ve always loved the signs when celebrating a little one’s first birthday but how cool is it to be able to answer the same questions as an adult? Plus it really is just too cute.

The funny thing about this session is that Jennifer thought she was just going to pose with the cake. Towards the end, once I had taken plenty pictures of her being pretty and celebrating her birthday, I told her “You know you’re going to have to actually smash the cake right?” She looked at me shocked and said “Say what?” I laughed and told her “It’s a cake smash session…you have to do it! It won’t be the same without the smashing!” And so she did and it turned out adorable!

And I will end this post saying HAPPY BIRTHDAY GORGEOUS!!! Oh and also…this is my new favorite picture of her : )




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