What to Wear to Your Photography Session

One of the most common questions I get from clients is what should they wear for their session. My number one answer is honestly, whatever they feel beautiful in; anything they feel confident in. Because when it comes down to it…no matter what the style, color, or “theme” you go for if you don’t feel confident it will show. With that being said, here are a few tips I’ve learned over the years from both my professional experience and my personal experiences.

1. Choose what you feel the most confident in.

2. Don’t base your outfits on the ‘season’ ESPECIALLY if you live in Florida.
This is a personal tip. Every year I schedule family pictures somewhere between September, October, and November. I LOVE fall; the colors, the lighting, the holidays, everything. I love the style of fall…or at least the style of fall in the rest of the US. In Florida the weather barely changes at all. So every year I choose outfits for myself, my husband, and my son. And every year they are “fall” themed which means sweaters, long sleeves, jeans, boots; the whole thing. And every year we are sweating and miserable 15 minutes into the session. This year I vowed that next year I will not do the same thing. I will embrace the Florida Fall and I recommend that you do, too.


3. Minimize Patterns
I LOVE patterns. Florals, stripes, plaid…I love them all. So I would never say to just stick with plain choices. I do recommend picking one person to wear a busy pattern for a family of 3 or less; 2 people if the family is 4 or larger and so on. I feel that this allows the pattern that you choose to stand out and not have to compete with the other patterns worn. It also gives the images a cleaner look that isn’t too “busy”.


4. Don’t be “matchy matchy”.
I’m not saying there is anything wrong with this…if everyone wants to wear the same color that works too. I just always suggest if you want to wear the same color I would make sure the shades vary at least slightly. This way everyone stands out as individuals instead of blending together as one.


5. Have fun with it.
Pick an outfit that you love but might not normally wear on a daily basis. Go with colors that you might not normally try. Be bold. Most importantly: choose something that makes you feel good, something that you can be yourself in, that represents your style, and have fun.


I really can’t stress enough that the most important thing is to wear what looks good to you; even if that means everyone is wearing a different pattern or color scheme….as long as everyone is happy, feeling confident, and having fun that is truly ALL that matters.

If anyone else has additional advice I’d love to hear it!

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