Fishhawk, FL Family Session

After 1 week of stressing out about hurricane Irma and then another week cleaning up after the storm I was finally able to jump back into photography! I will be honest…the week leading up to landfall was emotionally draining. Thinking and considering that a category 5 hurricane could hit the west coast near Tampa Bay and then possibly be a category 4 when it crossed the inland counties where my family and I live was terrifying. I have been scared of bad weather my whole life; as a toddler any time I heard the “beep beep” on TV that meant they were displaying a message on the bottom of the screen (weather related) I would run into the living room, point at the TV, and demand “read to me!” to my mother.  As I’ve grown up I still have the fear of bad weather but I handle it better. Even with the possibility of a catastrophic storm hitting near my home I think I handled my fear better than I ever have. I was as prepared as I could possibly be given the circumstances but mentally and emotionally I was exhausted. I literally couldn’t think of anything else…my photography was pushed to the back of my mind for a moment there due to the mental freak out I was having.

But Hurricane Irma is gone and I am ready to dive back in!


I’m so glad I got to meet this adorable family of three tonight. I found out that they are actually from Ukraine but they’ve lived in Florida for a few years now.  They were so sweet and even though it was almost 90 degrees at 6:30 in the afternoon with bugs out in full force they did not complain.


This couple was actually one of my model families; when I placed the model call I stated that I would give them 5 digital images in exchange for allowing me to use their images for my portfolio. Of course there were more than 5 that I loved and I shared my favorites with them. It meant so much to me that she was so grateful that I sent her more than the amount she expected. I love being able to surprise clients with a little something extra. ♥








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