Lakeland, FL Mommy & Me Session

Let me just start by explaining that fall is my favorite season. I love everything about it, from the change in weather, to pumpkin flavored everything, to fall colors. I love it all. Even though I live in Florida where the weather barely changes and the leaves don’t change I still appreciate the slight drop in temperature autumn brings. So it’s no surprise that I couldn’t wait to schedule a fall themed session.


This session in particular was special to me because my models were my best friend from elementary school and her daughter. It’s crazy to have so many childhood memories of her and then memories from 8 years ago when she was pregnant with her daughter. We can go months or even years without talking but as soon as we catch up it’s like we never had those breaks in between. Those are some of the best friendships I think; especially as you become adults with spouses, families, and jobs.



I could tell going in that she didn’t feel confident in front of the camera…which I completely understand. I recently had headshots done; I am naturally an awkward person but put me in front of the camera and I’m much worse! So I tried to let her see the beautiful images I captured straight off the back of the camera. She liked them but her reaction when I sent the final, edited images was priceless.


She loved them so much and that only confirmed how much I love doing this. To see how nervous she was about them and then to see her react so positive to them was amazing. She is a beautiful person inside and out and I’m so glad that I at least helped her see that.

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