Back to school session, Plant City FL

I’m a firm believer that pictures are best natural…but “Back to School” set ups were just too cute to turn away! Set up or not…I still wanted to capture natural moments for my little niece. I was trying this out since obviously I’m not huge on props but she definitely rocked it!


To be honest it was nearly impossible to capture an “in the moment” picture of this girl! She was ready EVERY single time I put the camera to my face. I’m not even kidding…she would be goofing around and the second I went to take a picture she would turn her head and smile perfectly. It was too cute how photo ready she was.


Towards the end of the session the next door neighbor brought a special guest to join us. She was too caught up in their gorgeous horse to even worry about the camera…which of course these pictures ended up being some of my favorite.



I love how these were “posed” or “set up” but still came out natural looking. I love all of the pictures so much that now I can’t wait to offer more “Back to School” sessions. ♥

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