Family Session in Lakeland, FL

Family sessions are my absolute favorite. It’s so important to me to capture as much as possible when kids are growing up. My goal is to make the experience of having their portraits taken a memory that they actually enjoy and WANT to remember. I want them to look back at their images and smile because they had fun.


I went to high school with this gorgeous mama so it’s so special for me to take their family portraits. Our lives have followed the same course through all these years; which is honestly odd considering most of our fellow high school friends had two or more children before we even started trying for our firsts. Or on the opposite side some are single while her and I married basically right after high school.


Sessions with her are always relaxed and easy going; not just because we’ve been friends for so long but that’s just how her and her husband are. He had such great ideas for future sessions…he mentioned a retro session where their little girl helps him work on his car. I love the idea because it would definitely be a memory in the making for the two of them.


The weather was actually pretty awful right before this session…it was pouring rain the whole way there. Thankfully it cleared just in time for us to spend an hour out there while the sun was setting. The grass was soaked and there were puddles on the sidewalk in some places…Ashley was wearing such pretty white heels that were basically brown by the time we finished. Neither of them let that damper their mood or stop them from getting in the grass. They are just too easy to work with!


This is a family session that I will cherish probably for the rest of my career. I’ve been struggling to find my “photography style” since I started this journey. Mostly because I appreciate all of the styles…I thought the moody, faded look was what I wanted my style to be. No matter how many times I tried though I was never completely satisfied with my images. Then I had the maternity session where it came out so bright, airy, and almost pastel and I fell in love. I knew instantly THAT was my style. THAT was the look I loved. The question was…could I do that consistently? Could I maintain that style? This was the session that showed me I could. This was the day that I realized I am truly starting to grow as a photographer. I wasn’t feeling hopeless with my previous sessions…I just felt inconsistent. Now I feel more confident that I am taking my photography in the direction that I’ve wanted to this whole time. ♥



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