To the little boy who made me a mom…


To the little boy who made me a mom…I still remember 3 years ago standing in North Carolina with dandelions surrounding me. I was 8 weeks pregnant with you, my third pregnancy, and as much as I wanted to pick every single one of those dandelions to make a million wishes for you; I only picked one. I held that one dandelion in my hand and I closed my that moment, it wasn’t the wish that meant so much to me; it was hope. From that moment on I was determined to hold onto that hope, to love you and my pregnancy as if I had never lost the others. No other flower will ever mean as much because for me, it is a symbol of hope. I hope you know that I will never take you for granted…I know there are women out there who would love to have our worst days; I know that because I was one of them. You have made me a mother but you have truly given me the gift of life.

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